Case Study

The setting: An NGO (Organization A) working on home based care and support for over 500 children living affected and living with HIV infection in a city in India.

The actors: Staff of the NGO which include field staff living with HIV infection, most of who were below 30 years of age. Organization A had 30 staff on their rolls. They however work with over 500 families consisting of young widows affected by HIV or where one is living with HIV

The history: This NGO began a child and adolescent based HIV care and support programme first with institutional care and then, acknowledging a child’s right to family moved to home based care model in 2006. Since they were working with HIV, the management and staff felt that they did not stigmatize people living with HIV infection. In fact they felt they had an inclusive approach to care and support of people living with HIV infection. They employed few young women living with HIV infection in their outreach work and included them as paid staff in
their planning and meetings of the programmes.